Night of TUI Around Greece

One Of greece airports i would love to explore if each airline has it and which aircraft is suitable for it around the island of crete


Boeing 737-800 (TUI Airways)

Oh yea fly TUI in Infinite flight and i basically edit it a little bit to make it brighter


all of those are beautiful

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Those are great photos! Keep up the good work. Imagine how amazing if IF would give us tail logo lights and all aircraft cabin lights!😂


that would be cool for logo lights and im sure the CRJ family has cabin lights during night

yep during night light it sure is (well without the moons looks unseen)

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Lovely job

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Thanks a lot had a bit smooth edit with it

Really cool shots! I landed in LGIR a few hours ago, in real life tho 😉

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Cool! How was yo flight ?

That moon shot is amazing

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Thanks! been working on it to not get it moved and look good during nights

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