Night Landing

Hello guys,

Check out this video of a Night Landing into Singapore Changi Airport!

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Why did you use autopilot to land?!

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That’s a great landing! @Jake_Brimble Most people use autopilot to land, I think! I might be wrong!

Well it takes the fun out of the actual flying and in the real world you use autoland (This is coming in a soon update) another form of the autopilot and also on the video that aircraft doesnt flair because of the use of autopilot causing the plane to hit the ground quite hard. @samuel_mashil

@Jake_Brimble I forgot about the flare. I don’t use autopilot to land as I fail. As Autoland is used in the real world, I think people use Autopilot to make the game as realistic as possible.

Personally i think that using autopilot to land in IF makes the landing look very unrealistic and i personally like to fly the landing myself. But we all have different opinions on things. @samuel_mashil

Yes I like landing with both autopilot and on my own.

Thank you!

I usually land without autopilot. If you see my other videos on my channel i land without autopilot. but i feel that with the autopilot on you can make a smooth landing but it can go wrong sometimes.But i am waiting for the autoland feature to come soon on this game!

@Ashley_de_almeida. Well Done Ash… Mad Max Sends

Well, I think you broke the neck of all passengers on board…
Normal landings in real world touch down with about -250 ft/min.

I checked out also the Emirates A380 video, so these suggestions cover both landings:
• A/P OFF at least at 500 ft above the ground.
• Flare, which starts at 50 ft, is the best way for a smooth landing.
• Use the trim for easier manual control.
• Use the rudder to correct alignment with the centerline after the main gear touches the ground.
• Follow the glideslope to prevent coming in too high or too low.

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i dont know…night landing and me have a mutual respect…gimme sunset,sunrise,noon any day…Freaks Come Out At Night…LMAO