Night landing tips

Any tips for landing at night at Singapore?

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Yes. Follow your FPL. All jokes aside I am not sure what you mean by this topic. Its just an ordinary landing.

Cign :)

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Keep your watch on the runway lights.

Follow your STAR/FPL and you should be fine. The runway lights will help you immensely. If the visibility is too low for you to see the runway lights, use an ILS approach. Landing in the dark shouldn’t be big deal. It’s taxiing in the dark that is tricky…


Watch the two red/white lights to the side of the runway to make sure you are not too high or low

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Hey! In my opinion, the most important lights are the runway end lights. These lights are white on the half facing the approach and red on the half facing the runway. Runway end lights are very helpful because if you see more red than white, you’re too high. If you see more white than red, you’re too low.

I’d recommend taking a look at these two resources which helped me a lot:

Airport Lighting Aids - FAA

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my tip is to touchdown

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