Night landing in the Bay Area.

Only way you can fly at night is with no hud. 😂
Fact: The P-38 is one of only three airplanes on IF that don’t have an autopilot. 🤔

I kinda hope that by posting this people will stop thinking I dont know how to fly.(Joke)

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Something is wrong with your video. If you’re trying to upload it directly from your device to here, it will not work – it also takes up an incredible amount of storage space.

I recommend uploading the content to YouTube and leaving an external link for us to view it. Cheers :)

Ok, thank you. That’s probably what’s wrong.

Can you close this please?

Wait, I left a Google drive link. That won’t work either?

It does not seem to be working either. The YouTube platform works best.

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Ok, if you’ll allow. I’ll try and fix it. Thank you.

Ok, it’s fixed. Thank you Nathan for helping me out.
Yes yes… I know the landing needs work. I hate the rudder.