Night Landing in Amsterdam and asked to contact "Tower"

I was landing in Amsterdam and the unicom asked me to contact the tower on 119.2 … I am 2 and I have not found a way to do this. I ask if anyone can help me, thank you.

You were being on-guarded by tower since you were on unicom.

Tune out of the unicom and select the tower frequency.


If you are wondering how to do that: tap on your ATC button and hit the back arrow, which should take you to a menu with all the airports listed. Click the one that says Amsterdam Schiphol Tower (should be in green). Then it should bring you to the standard prompt where you would check in and say what you are intending to do (in this case you would say that you are x miles out at x feet coming for landing at x runway).

this is the problem I did not see the green button of the tower and therefore I immediately left the game …

How far out from the airport were you? You could’ve been too far out.

The only other thing I can think to tell you is to get closer or fly a holding pattern until you get a signal.

thanks I will do it next time

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No problem. This is a problem that annoys me as well. You can’t contact tower until you are very close to the airport.

Hope I helped out! Good luck on your next flight and Lucky Landings to you!

thanks for your help I greet you from Italy

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