Night flying

How can i see at night because it is so hard with no cockpit lights or taxi lights


Turn the time of day to noon.


Yea… Night flying is really only possible with the reworked aircraft (A20 Family, A220, 737, A330, 777, ect.)

I am actually night flying right now! BIKF-KBOS Training Server!

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Another trick is to play with the time settings a bit. Do your take-off and landing with the time set to “noon” and complete the rest of the flight at nighttime.


There’s something called the HUD
Taxi lights exist in most airports

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Big international airports have taxi lights. You can also use the map to get a good idea on where you need to go (I.e a Runway or Gate). After spawning do what @NewsDude told you. It is a great idea.

Taxi lights: most of the time at the front of an aircraft or at the wings to light the way in front of the aircraft up

Taxiway lights: green, blue, red or orange lights at airports

I mean taxi lights on the aircraft

Here is what I do for night flights. Turn up my brightness all the way. That’s it pretty much. I can see perfectly fine then!

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