Night Flying Tips?

I’ve mostly stuck to daytime flights in Infinite Flight, solely because landing at night is very difficult. Does anyone have any tips on how to properly land at night in INFINITE flight?


Flight at night

Practice is good, I suppose!

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Darken the room and maximize the brightness of the smartphone


Turn off autopilot and pray you don’t crash.


Pay attention to your instruments for as long as you can. Listen to the RADALT

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That will ruin your eyes


Try to use landmarks like city and street lights as guidance. Unfortunately IF is lacking these :( you can vote for them Here


If you’re already comfortable flying during the day, then simply fly on a night with a full moon.

Change the date to something earlier in the month, and in the light of a full moon, it’s almost like flying during the day. You can even see unlit taxiway markings on the ground.

Like everything in aviation, night flying becomes easier with practice.

Tip one: Don’t

I much prefer checking out the views! 🏔️


Well we are very different then haha, I always fly with the current time set! My tips for landing at night is just, when you see the runway, disengage autopilot and use the HUD for accuracy, the runway lights help a lot!

Nice! I only really use current time when doing long hauls

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Yeah, I guess when you are streaming it wouldn’t be too appealing if it was all at night haha, so I get that, it’s nicer to watch, I think everyone can agree on that! Also, great job on the world tour, it was a great event!

I find it much easier to land at night. Especially on a small device. So much easier to see the runway.

Hi there, If you are familiar or comfortable with instrument landings (ILS) by using the localizer and glide slope then night landings are not that difficult.

Only time I fly at night is when I know I land it’s gonna be light. Guess that isn’t a tip but can help with takeoffs 😂

When landing you can use APPR for some guidance until low altitude.

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Definitely APPR.

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