Night flying out of KJYO

Went out for some night flying today in the Musketeer. Flew over to KCHO(Charlottesville) and then flew back home. Super cool stuff. Had alot of fun. Anyway here’s the videos.


Sweet. Enjoying the videos

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It’s hard to see cus YouTube makes everything darker. It was actually pretty easy to see at night, with the moonlight and the lights on the ground. Plus it’s so smooth at night it makes it enjoyable to fly

i completely agree. where i live there isnt much lights so its a bit darker out when flying at night

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Nice landings! You guys are pretty lucky to have long runways and PAPI for night flights…

Here at LFAJ, night flying means short and grass runway with LIL and obviously without PAPI! Most night landings are pretty firms in order to reduce the landing distance. :)

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Nice. Looked like you had a great time. Enjoy the magic of flight

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