Night Flying in Hawaii @ PHTO - 260800ZMAY17

Server: Training

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHTO-PHNL

Time: 0800Z

NOTAM: Qantas Virtual Presents…
Join us for a night flight between Hilo (PHTO) and Honolulu (PHNL) in our Jetstar 787-8! Everybody is welcome! Spawn at PHTO a few minutes early to make sure we depart on time, then we will fly between these two Hawaiian cities in the night time setting. I will attach arrival/departure procedures below for us to follow.
Please follow all ATC instructions We will be looking for some ATC for both departure and arrival, so PM if you can!

Hope to see you in the skies!
Ben - Director of Flight Operations at Qantas Virtual Group


I can possibly be ATC - if not I will most likely come to the event in my JQ788

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Awesome, let me know on the day if you’re flying or being ATC!


Roger will do…


Got a tip for you all… do not even try to come in over the mountains into rwy 08 on night setting in an airliner unless you consider yourself a daredevil…sunset is tricky enough…not to mention the fact that 26 is the preferred…one miscalculation and you are toast !!!


thats Qantas pilots for you.

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You have gutsy pilots then…btw…saw from your bio that your loc is in MD…l am near KSBY…where are you and what is your closest airport !!!

I may be able to attend :smiley:

Follow the STAR and IAP and you will be fine. Yes avoid those mountains.

Since 26 is the designated primary approach rwy…and the approach from the mountains is so challenging irl…when do you ever use 08 to land on…particularly if 26 is red !!!

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Am willing to be Hawaii tower if you want

Check out the procedures for arrival at PHTO (not applicable for this flight as departure from PHTO).

08 can be used, but you don’t fly over the mountains but over the sea on a left hand circuit. Though I believe that 26 is mainly used even with a tail wind up to about 10kts IRL.

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Just to confirm…event starts in 2 hours and 30 minutes? Or do I have zulu wrong… (I slept during the day today ill hopfully be up all night! :)

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It’s now 0530Z so yes that’s right.

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I will be joining too!

30 mins correct?..

And would you like me to be ATC? Or a pilot 🙂

Pilot would be good eh?

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I have spawned at PHTO

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Okay I’m coming in now