night flights with little visibility in the taxiways ....

hello guys I do many night flights from Verona or Milan Malpensa to Zurich, Munich, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. I have many difficulties after landing to follow the taxiways because it is very dark, so I immediately interrupt the flight … I am always afraid of having violations. I do not know how to behave, thanks for the help.


I recommend you to set the brightness of your phone to max while doing night flights, but the easiest solution would be to set the time to “noon”.
It’s not very easy to see the taxi ways at night because we don’t have taxi way-lights yet. We might get it some time in the future. ;)



Take a look at this and if you think it’s worth it (and if you haven’t already), give it a vote!

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The best thing to do it find a date where there is a full moon because it will be bright neouhg to see everything. Just play around with the dates.

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… but I would like to know if I interrupt the flight after landing I receive the violations …?

What do you mean interrupt the flight? Do you mean adjust the settings?

I mean that I go out or leave the game …

I use the twilight. It looks very great and you see more.

No violations are only going to happen for overspeeding or anything like that. Not for ending the flight or anything.

thanks … this quietens me and however I will adopt the twilight flight

For future reference:

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I usually go into a dark room so the screen is very bright 😂.

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