Night Flight

Hey guys… I just want to know, how do you manage to land perfectly when on nighttime… As you know, so far the airport lights are pretty weak, and the airplane lights are basically shut off (i hope we get lights on logo sometime soon)… So, how do you manage to land safe without much light?


Use your ILS system.


The best way is to get vectors / vector yourself to the glide slope and then establish yourself on the localizer. Use the Autoland ILS system, and then if you really want, you can take over around 500 ft and land manually.


yeah… i dont really like using ILS… but ill try sometime soon!

Proper flight planning helps with night landings. Look up approaches to your airport and follow them. Also, make your final approach a little longer than normal to give yourself extra time to make sure you’re on centerline for the runway.

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i alredy do that… hehe…

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Then you should be good to go! Thankfully, the ILS and the plane work the same at night as they do in the day. If your planning is on par, then practice makes perfect!

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good! lately ive ben practicing to prefecctionate my landings…

I fly ILS approaches and then take over visually when I feel ready. The runways have excellent lighting so it’s easy to spot the runway. Also, I feel that flying at night is just as easy as flying during the daytime. Practice is required however.

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thats true… you need practice

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what u mean u dont like using ILS? That’s the support instrument in order to correct your position for final approach! :D
It’s not the matter u don’t like it, u must use it

Proper flight planning and calculations help me out. I watch distance, air speed and vertical speed as they are important. When you are in the red cone you should be anywhere from 2,500 to 3,500 feet high. I never use the ILS other than correcting position. If you feel you need to then I suggest you do. :)


i use it… what oi meant i dont like is using autopilot landiong

oh ok, as above u said u dont like ILS
Nvm :D

oh sorry… my mistake

You don’t have to use it, there are these things called visual approaches.

For me, the problem is not the landing. the track is perfectly illuminated and can be seen from far away. the problem is in the taxi, once you leave the track it’s all a dark wasteland


Use your ILS systems (localizer and glideslope), or if you want use the red landing guides

Your instruments are key in night flying. Before attempting to fly at night you should be proficient in using your instruments alone to guide you (IFR). Once you feel you’ve got a good understanding of the instruments, night flying and landing will be a breeze.

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