Night Flight XC

Thought I’d share this picture I took over Wichita, KS while my instructor and I were on a cross country. This past week

Edit 1: Side note: you can expect a few more topics from me in RWA as I do more XC time. Might even get an epic sunset, who knows!


@if787 would want to see this

Really nice photo! Love the lights!


Oh I hate those blue streetlights, they are so annoying here 🥲😂

Cool pic! Do you remember what area of Wichita you were over when you took the picture?

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I believe Northern Wichita

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Heres the other pic I have even though its not as clear.

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They look more purple irl. But did you know that the different color is actually caused by a defect in the bulb? Kind of interesting how that works. Anyway, they had to put them in because apparently those type of bulbs are on back order.

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If you see some haze in that second pic, i got some actual time at night which was legendary

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Whether it’s driving or flying, you have to admit it’s always amazing at night!

Love the picture!

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