Night flight to Richmond with a stop in Warrenton

Well, this was our last little fun flight before both my friend and I head off to college to go flying there. We rented a 172 from KJYO and flew over to Warrenton to pick up a 162. Landed at Warrenton around 10:30 and kinda explored the airport a bit. It’s a really small one but super cool. It feels like home, it has character, unlike some of the larger airports. One of the sadder sights was alot of 172s and an Ercoupe just sitting and rotting on the ramp. They looked like no one had even touched them in years. Poor airplanes. This Grumman Albatross was parked on the ramp too, but it looks like it’s fairly well maintained.![IMG_20170805_222101403|690x388](upload://AsnPM4N4g2ABQIJGWu3gbiOS7Mn.jpg These are pictures of Richmond at night. We requested to circle the city before landing and Approach was very helpful and approved.

Once we had landed in Richmond, we took a crew car into the city(Richmond Jet Center is a great FBO). In the city we went to Red Eye cookies and got nice fresh cookies. Then we drive back and fly back to WarrentonWe picked up the 172 and flew back home to KJYO. Ended up landing at 3:30am

Video :


Yo man. That’s some good pics.

What’s the annoying sound ?

Description of it? It’s probably just the 162. It’s loud and annoying on the inside. No insulation

That noise before you touched down

Oh the horn? It’s a stall horn. It gets louder/more intense the closer you get to stalling, and as landing is pretty much another definition of stalling, that’s why you hear it before landing.

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Nice pics, Big city’s always look better from above at night

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Love the cities from above! Lights !


I have to ask what do you think of RIC? The airport that is. I live a few minutes out from it although I have never been impressed by it myself. That is mostly due to the fact that it really isn’t a hub so I can’t planespot.

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The FBO is amazing. It’s new and really well maintained. Got brand new crew cars and everything. 50 cent sodas lol. We went hunting for caffeine to make sure we were wide awake. Other than that, i mean I can’t say much. We landed around 11:30 and left for Richmond at like 11:40. Then we came back at 1, started up and left. Not much experience with the actual airport.

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