Night flight in Infinite Flight

Guys how do you usually flight on night? Like pushback, taxi, takeoff and landing at night time? Do you feel hard and uncomfotable and how do you guys do usually when night? Let me know ur ways in comment section! :)

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Usually just screen full bright and a dark surrounding, so u can see mu h… if it does not work, I switch to daylight time for the time on Ground… demends on the whole situation for me


I will say this, now with the recent update showing taxi lines in HUD view, it has made ground operations and taxing a lot easier. Until Project Metal is released of course.

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ooo, nice… gotta try later

can’t wait, must be fun hehe

Unfortunately there is not that „one“ release date for project metal. As it was mentioned several times before, project metal is released on a consecutive basis. Meaning, the code is overhauled step by step. And with every new release some of the new features using new code are implemented to the game. But it will come, that’s not the question :).

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If you get a night when the moon is out, things are much more lit up.


For me it depends on if the moon is out or not. If the moon is out, it is very bright at night and a great experience. Sadly, this is only when a full moon is occurring. This means that other times of the month I do everything on day mode until I am in the air.

I’ll just adjust my screen brightness. once AP is on, i’ll put the brightness down so the phone don’t get overheat

Don’t fly at night. You won’t have a problem then.

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Project Metal is not something that will be released. Project Metal is a ongoing project that will allow Infinite Flight developers to add and make things better in Infinite Flight.

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