Night Flight in Australia | YSSY-YPAD | 717-200

Today I did a flight from Sydney to Adelaide in Australia. It was a nice one and since the moon was out the visibility was much better at night.

Server: Expert
Flight Time: 1:38
Aircraft: 717-200
Livery: QantasLink
Callsign: Q-Jet 1559

Lined up on RWY 25

Rolls-Royce BR700 engines powering the aircraft high into the sky with a steep takeoff

Cruising over New South Wales at FL280 due to extremely high winds with moon shining bright

Descending into Adelaide

On final approach

Touching down in Adelaide

Thanks for viewing my photos and let me know what you think of them!!!


Awesome pictures! I recently did a flight out of YPAD as well!


Great photos, even though they’re a little dark! Love the moonshot!

Just make sure to delete one to comply with the 10 photo limit for the #screenshots-and-videos category, as you have 11 great photos.

Thank you!!! Did you use the 717 or another aircraft?

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I actually just decided to do a random long haul and hadn’t used the A380 in a while so I did YPAD-CYVR.


Ok I will take one down. Thanks for letting me know @Butter_Boi

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It’s all good, we all make mistakes. 😉

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Cool! (10 char limit)

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Wow, looks like not a bad landing

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Surprisingly it wasn’t bad at all. Especially for a 717.