Night Flight From Bob Hope

1) I decided to do this flight because I like night flights, and I also found this route when I saw WN276

Server: Training Server
Flight Time: 1:10
Route:Bob Hope(KBUR)- (KSFO)

Here are my shots: (Note PUT YOUR BRIGHTNESS UP, If you have difficulty seeing

Parked At “Bob Hope Gate A2”

Pushback From Gate

Hold Short Of Runway

Line up on runway 15




Touchdown on runway 28R (late-ish)


Cough cough
I did this flight with you!

Anyways, photos are a bit dark but I like them

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My battery just dropped 5% for putting my brightness up.
They’re pretty black but I like the shots.

Nice moonshot there :)

Ah yes, cough, cough

Oh yes @Edivan_dcds and I’m sorry to hear about your battery

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No problem 😂