Night Flight are so Dark?

Have you ever had a night flight and when you’re on the ground the airport is just pitch black? It’s really annoying knowing that you can’t even see anything on the ground. Even though taxi lights are available I think IF should add airport lights that shine at the apron to make it easy to see at night or maybe add some city lights to make it more realistic.


Project Metal is in development. It will bring a lot of new features for lighting.


To find out more about project metal and what it entails you can visit this blog post by the Infinite Flight dev team…

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Funnily enough I’ve posted that link in another thread earlier.

Bear in mind the age of the blog is approaching 4 years now.

Is your screen brightness🔅are working as they should be?@rasend27

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Well i was thinking the opposite until yesterday when i started a flight at VTSB it was so dark even full luminosity i could barely see my aircraft and the taxilines …

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I really hope we see what the change can bring, the topic is nearly 4 years old


Yeah nah it’s nothing about screen brightness

This isn’t really unrealistic tbh

Airports aren’t like the middle of a city or even a further out road where you have streetlights and so many bright lights everything is somewhat lit even when it isn’t directly lit. Airports are big and none of the lights are crazy bright so they don’t light stuff up aside from the light being visible. Especially out in the middle of the airport you can see the lights edge lights and where your taxi lights are shining but not much else. There is a reason night currency is separate from day currency, it’s a whole different world out there when the sun goes down.

Aprons are maybe a little more lit up though, that is one place they could perhaps improve a little.


clears throat

London City Airport 👀


In the majority of cases

And even then small airports are still huge pieces of land. Yes London City is quite small and in a city but it still isn’t going to be well lit out there.


i mean ok bro but not beeing able to see your aircraft on the sim and barely the taxilines there is a problem i’ve made a lot of irl night flight u clearly see the lines at the minimum

José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport in Guayaquil too for example and there is heavy traffic to this one

Great idea, The plane lightha are better now but maybe some like approach lights

and having cockpit lights as well

I think this is a really good idea

Wild it’s been almost 4 years since 2020.

You can see the line immediately in front of you with your taxi light, and you can see places that have a lighted centerline but I don’t personally feel like you are seeing much else

Yeah, I’m sure it takes a while to recode the entire graphics engine for IF.

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