Nigerian court orders seizure of Emirates 777-300ER

So now Nigeria is trying to seize an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER all because they cancelled a passengers ticket back in 2007? To me, this seems a bit desperate and attention-seeking.

“Yesterday (Monday, 2nd December) a report surfaced in Nigerian media showing an order has been issued by Nigerian federal court to seize an Emirates Boeing 777. This is because a judge has ruled that the airline owes 8.1 Nigerian Naira (approximately US$22,400) to a Nigerian citizen for expenses incurred when a ticket was cancelled unexpectedly in 2007.”

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What’s your opinion on this situation? Do you think that the court is doing the right thing?

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I mean, imagine if you were putting all your spare money into that $22,000 ticket and have been saving up for quite a long time now. Suddenly, all that is gone in 1 second. How would you feel?


How is this a scandal? Someone is just getting there wasted and hard earned $22,000 back from Emirates.


Did you skip the part where they want to seize the 777 as well?

This won’t get anywhere. Nigeria can’t seize an aircraft that doesn’t belong to someone from Nigeria. The only way something so spontaneous could be possible is if it was the world court was to order the seizure of the aircraft. and even then, countries not in the UN don’t have to listen to what the world court orders. It’s just games. With little many many different things to go through before they’d get their hands near it… and because this happened over a decade ago, chances are Emirates doesn’t even have the documentation from that long ago.

Some of this is sorta just opinion based, and logical thinking. I’ve done no research in to how much power the World court holds. If i have something mistaken PM me. And if need be i’ll delete my post.


Wait… whaaa-


Getting the persons money back is ok. Nigeria isn’t a wealthy country so 22000$ is a LOT. 22000$ here in the US is a lot aswell. But then your trying to seize a whole aircraft. Now that doesn’t make any sense.


Lol. This is hilarious.


This judge doesn’t realize that if his plan does miraculously work, he’s going to be in big trouble with the government. Emirates will cancel all their flights to Nigeria, which will possibly leave hundreds of passengers stranded, it will also damage Nigeria’s already weak economy. Don’t know where this judge got his degree.

Well 22,000 USD? didn’t realize it cost the person more then half a million Naira to fly😂 Modern day business class for the Dubai to Nigeria was 2020.15 USD and 7,420 AED and something like 730,280.13 Naira or something crazy😂 That’s modern day. Not over a decade ago😂


Nigerian Supreme Court says that once the aircraft is seized, if Emirates has not paid the customer after 30 days, they will Auction the aircraft. I don’t know who in Nigeria will be able to buy a Boeing 777 though.


375,500,000 USD —> 135,743,250,000 Naira

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I feel like if this turns into a legal conflict Dubai and Emirates will just run Nigeria into the ground with legal costs😂


Literally nobody

Oh god😂 I only did business class ticket😂
I mean if Emirates can hold them off for a few years, once they receive their new aircraft A350’s and the new 777’s i feel like they’ll just say here😂 Take the aircraft but we want the money back that it’s cost us to operate this aircraft for the last 15 years or something just to embarrass Nigeria lol

The price of that B777 is probably more than the entire GDP of Nigeria…


It seems somewhat crazy how out of touch people are with what powers the government of Nigeria has in this case. The supreme court has ordered Emirates to pay $22,000 to this private citizen to fulfil the damages and legal fees. If they don’t do so Nigeria is absolutely within their right to seize the aircraft and hold it until the debt is repayed. If anything, this is holding big corporations accountable. If they think they can just snub people without paying their dues, this will be a wakeup call for Emirates. It seems that Emirates is willing to pay the $20,000 though, so I’m sure the seizure of their aircraft will not happen as Emirates doesn’t want to shoot themselves in the foot with this.

This is probably the most comedic thing I’ve heard today. 2 flights a day to what you consider a “weak economy” is quite interesting, or maybe not considering their year over year GDP increases and growth in the economic sectors of Oil and Manufacturing. Being the 27nd largest economy is no joke, and if Emirates decides to pull out they are really missing out and screwing themselves over instead, leaving a gap for other carriers such as Ethiopian to fill.


the Nigerian court is getting $320M USD for much less though, as the unit cost is 320M and their seizing it for 22K…

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Check out playback of flight EK783 from Dubai to Lagos on Flightradar24.

Check out playback of flight EK781 from Dubai to Lagos on Flightradar24.

Check out playback of flight EK785 from Dubai to Abuja on Flightradar24.

Emirates flights to Nigeria seem to be operational. It might be that EK has agreed to the settlement or sought an injunction prevention the seizure of the 777s. It is interesting to see how this case will turn out.

Simple as. EK wont send a 777 to Nigeria and get a partner airline to do the service.

Happen before when Condor needed Tui and Lufthansa to operate to Tenerife due to unpaid bills left by TC

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I mean not all of Nigeria is not wealthy, there are a few entrepreneurs, who knows, maybe a charity company will buy it somewhere else to support Nigeria and have access to better flights (ᵔᴥᵔ)