Nigerian Aviation business boom

I’m not very sure if this is accurate but if it is I would be very proud

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Nice finding! It will be interesting to see how they will compete for the market. It should ideally make service better

This would be great. Back some time ago airlines were pulling out of Nigeria.

With an Aviation business boom Nigeria should have more airlines operating there. Last year I went to Nigeria and when you get to Murtala Mohammad Airport you will only see a couple of airlines. Delta, Emirates, KLM, Air France, South African and others. But not that much to choose from. Also this means more money to the country and with that money it could work on airports like Port Harcourt which serves an Air France A330 and Lufthansa A330 but is in really poor condition.


You are right about that

MaxSez: I’ve flown commercially in both East & West Africa on local airlines. One hell of an experience. The attached article from an extremly reliable source sez it all:

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