Nigerian Airlines is coming to the skies

image This airline was one off the best airlines in the world during the early 70s to late 80s it then went into decline because off mismanagement. But yesterday I was watching TV and the president off Nigeria President Muhammadadu Buhari says that the airline should be up and running hopefully next year. I think this good news. The rebirth off a new Airline Nigerian Airlines


Woooo! Yaaay

Will it be allowed to fly in the European Airspace?

I think so. Several airlines from Nigeria fly to European destinations.

Yep it’s going to have high competition from British Airways with the London to Nigeria route especially its own home rivalry Arik Air

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With Arik’s 747-8I orders, it would be tough.

Fingers crossed for it flying to JFK 🙏

@El_Alex I think that was a vanity order and I wouldn’t expect to see an Arik 748 sadly 😢

Thanks! That sounds great! Finally something new to see in Europe ^^

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Yep sure think