Nidhish_Kataria's ATC Tracking Thread - [closed] @ n/a

welcome to my ATC tracking. I am planning to give IFATC in the near future but I have to be fully prepared so I chose to make this thread as I wanted a little feedback on my skills.

server: training

airport: WSSS

your support will really help me to be perfect in my ATC skills and hopefully, one day be an IFATC


On my way 👍

soz mate i just closed

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was about update

will reopen soon

like 40 min

14 mins is not long enough to do anything or let traffic build up, in future I suggest staying open for a minimum of 1 hour to really give yourself a good chance of getting some patterns and practice in.

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i was controlling before it

i had been controlling scince a long time with my friend ik i created this now

@Mags885 really sorry

status update: open

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Are you still open?

yes i am thx

I’ll come. I’ll be in a fighter.

k thanks pls give feed back

I’m coming back 😁

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I’m coming by now

soz mate just closed

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Alright, (I was the first fighter)

  • After my touch & go you gave me a pattern entry which isn’t needed.

  • When I requested runway change, you need to give me a pattern entry, which you didn’t do.

  • @Edivan_dcds (that other fighter) disconnected but you don’t need to give me another clearance with “number 1”.

Overall not that bad, just keep in mind what I said.


Hey Nids,

You were doing great this session! I got nothing to say. I think some flyers have things to point out.

Cya next time for more practice!