Nickolas_Ridgeway’s ATC Tracking Thread - [ONLINE]

Welcome to @Nickolas_Ridgeway ATC Thread

Total Operations: 2603

(For departing aircraft: Unless you are flying patterns, please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.)


Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch&gos/patterns! Otherwise, please use the “departing north, south, east, west" or "straight out” command.

For special requests feel free to PM me always open to controlling an airport even if I’m showing as offline



Airport :


frequency :

Ground, Tower, & ATIS

Server :


I wish I could come by! But sadly a bit too late for me now, if you make a tracking thread I may be able to swing by!

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Check DMs! Happy flying and controlling!

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I will do that after my session thanks for the info!!

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Currently open at LPFG!!!

Online at TNCM!!

Hey there!
Feedback P4-INT
Transition ❌ I was given 5000 for transition. Next time try airport elevation +2500 (unless it’s 0 or negative, round up by 500 if there is anything in the 10s place)
Pattern entry ✅
Sequence ⚠️ with my location, I could’ve been given #3 and it would’ve been a more effective pattern
If already cleared to land for normal inbounds, try using the “already clear to land” prompt in the misc. messages tab, for any previous pattern work reporting full stop, all that’s needed is a roger and not a re-clear
Really no need for an extend downwind, I knew who I was going to be following, so this was unnecessary also because there was no need to build extra spacing for a departure, which is (basically) the only necessary thing you need it for
Also with the “extend downwind” I had already entered the pattern, and the “enter base” command was unnecessary, the only time to use an enter command is when someone is just entering the pattern, or changing runways.
Can’t wait to see how you improve!


Thanks for the feedback the reason I gave you 5000 was because I noticed the aircraft in the pattern were leveling off at 4000 so I wanted to make sure you were clear of them the rest of it was me being over-controlling and I’m doing these sessions to break that habbit. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and leaving a comment I hope next time you fly with me you can see a noticeable difference

Of course! Happy to help out! Just keep working hard (also for those guys that were at 4K you can always give them a “descend to pattern altitude” prompt and if not, (since this is TS) you can usually just ignore them, and 3K also works just as well as 5K in this situation, but you’ll get the hang of it!) feel free to ping me next time you open and hopefully I can make it!

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I was doing simple patterns trying to get the American flight to catch me and force a go around. He seemed to watch my speed and slow down but one thing I caught was you told him to maintain 180knts while I was only a few miles ahead going 140knts. There was once you told me to speed up but you missed the first one 😉 Just a reminder to keep an eye on speed and altitude when there’s multiple aircraft approaching.


I will keep a better look on that thanks for the feedback!!!

@Makdak @PaintDiamond RJTT is currently open!!!

Switching to RJAA too many ppl not listening to instructions at the last airport

Tag me will you open. (if I have free time I will come to your session)

@TuuAvvgekk i will be controlling later today if you have a time that works best for you just lmk and I’ll try to hop on by then just gotta spend some time with the family first!

Unfortunately this was at midnight for me and I couldn’t make it 🥲

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All good not many people are night owls as hard as I am

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Sorry I wasn’t able to make it. Too late in the night.

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All good it happens

Open at YSSY!!