Nickolas_Ridgeway’s ATC Tracking Thread - [BUSY]

Real quick, here’s a video that I recommend to watch for some more info on proper IFATC procedures:

Also I very much recommend reading through the ATC manual and guide before you open next!

Short session at KJFK while I wait for the wife to get the baby to bed!!

FeedBack N1PB :

1st Pettern :
✅ Good Transision!
❌ Pattern Entry : You Shouldn’t Give Me Enter Right DW 4R but Enter Left DW 4R because my position is in Left DW not in Right DW
❌ Clearance : you only give me Clear For Option, and you don’t give me "After For The Option Make Left/Right Traffic

2nd Pattern :
❌ Clearance : you gave me Clear Number 2, even though there was no traffic in front of me, and no other traffic besides me on runway 4R

3rd Pattern :
✅ Pattern Entry
❌ Clearance : You were right to give me Clear Number 2, but again and again you don’t give me "After For The Option Make Left/Right Traffic
✅ Very good, when I requested to depart Airspace you gave me Frequency Approve

All the Best!

Keep Learn and Reading ATC Manual, and watch the ATC Perfect Test video to help correct the mistakes you are making now

Thanks for the info and apologies for the botched landings there were so many N aircraft I kept losing track of who is where and ppl not turning off frequency made it a bit hectic I’ll be back on in a bit but need a second to calm down from the hectic frequency

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No problem, all good. I suggest you open an airport that is quite quiet, so you can focus on traffic patterns, if you open a busy airport like KJFK it will make you quickly get stressed because there is a lot of traffic such as Inbound Aircraft, Departing Airspace, and Traffic Patterns

It was meant to be a short session to help the AP/DEP controller out but they ended up leaving right away lol

Currently open at KJFK waiting my turn for tower!!

Currently open at KSFO!!!

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Spawning in now!

Excuse that oops 😅

That was great! My only feedback is

  • Make sure that you give the exit runway command.
  • There is no need to tell me to enter right downwind.

Feel free to add me to the ping list!

Apologies if you were on frequency iPad just crashed will be back up in a second

Thanks for the info I’ll add you to the ping list when I remember to make one lol

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Sorry for the crash should be back up and active!!!

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Gunna open op later gunna trouble shoot my iPad figure out what’s causing the connection issues

Currently open at KLAX!!
Ping list:

Hmm,OK,good session!
Feedback TT-EST
Transition 3000ft✅
No other issues!

Hope to see you in the IFATC team some day!

Thanks for the feedback glad it was acceptable

Great ATC! Just one thing, dont clear a plane to cross a runway if they did not request it. The pilot needs to request a runway crossing before you clear them.

Great job!

I will come with Callsign N1PB

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