Where are you flying from?

YVR, Canada

I took Swiss from HKG last time

Interesting! There’s a direct flight from Edelweiss to Zurich currently btw!

If you plan on flying after the 29th of february you can fly over New York and check out the brand new Swiss B77W Business class!

Yeah I think This May? I’ll see

Wow stunning pics !!! This was my perspective when the CS100 arrived (sorry only iPhone quality:p)

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OMFG YOU GOT RAMP ACCESS? wait oh, you work for Swiss right?

No I used to work for SR Technics back then. In October I start at Swissport on an offical ramp job to bridge time until I’m starting my studies next year.

You lucky! You have any intel about the 77W?

What do you wanna know specifically?

Well what I do know is the first flight will be on 27th of february heading to KJFK as LX16 and I heard of some possible test flights between ZRH and GVA. I’m thinking about getting a ticket to JFK on the first flight of the 77w, but I’m not sure about that.

But about the 77W itself, how “free” is the wifi really?

Another off topic question: Wasn’t there supposed to be a ua772Er in summer at ZRH?

You’ve got some amazing photos there!!! :))

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The Wlan probably won’t be free. It is rumoured that Internet fares on LX will be about the same as on LH meaning ca. 9-15 euros depending on your choice (1hour or full flight access) You got to keep in mind that onboard wlan is extremely expensive for an airline so it is highly unlikely that it will be free. However nothing official yet. I’m also thinking aboit purchasing a ticket for the first flight not sure though.

About the UA: I don’t know what happend there.

Well they announced free wifi like on their vids, on the website basically everywhere. Haven’t you seen the introduction vid? nickart_photography | Flickr

I even asked their fb page about the wifi and they said it is free. like completely

Oh that would be nice. I’ve seen all of their vids but I remember reading something about not free WLAN on their new B777 but it was just a rumour back then. I don’t have FB so I missed it then. Thank you!

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