Nicholas_Henry's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] PASSED PRACTICAL

Hello Guys and welcome to my ATC tracking thread I will be controlling at least once a day so watch out for when I am active.

Why did I make this thread?

I made this thread to improve on my ATC skills especially controlling pattern work and controlling in a busy airspace I hope to become part of IFATC in the next few days once I am 100% prepared and ready.

What am I looking for?

After each session if people can give me feedback on things I could improve on or tweak a little bit that would be excellent and if someone could give me some ideas for airports to control at that would be great too.!

Previous Thread Closed Per Request As Edit Limit Was Reached


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Come head on down and do some professional flying!🛬🛫

Still open

NOW OPEN AT WIII!! Come head on down and do some professional flying.

Please help me train! 👍

Using RWYS 07L and 07R for Dept and Lgs.

Patterns accepted.

Still open!

Closed! Thanks for coming!

NOW OPEN! Come head down to KCLT!

Be there


Cheryl, RWYS 18 and 23 are in use

NOW OPEN AT EDDF! Come head down to Frankfurt to get your landings up! Request taxi to active runway so I can tell you which ones we are using. THANK YOU!

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Hi! I was XA-EGL
An apology for leaving without having landed

-Very fast answers
-You responded perfectly to mistakes
-You changed me from runway very well, there it was noticed who is in control
-Good transition altitude

I congratulate you and I am sure you will be a very good ATC and an IFATC in the future!
I would like to see you with more aircraft, I will be aware of this thread


Thank you so much!

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Come help me train for my practicals and written test!
Currently lacking some abilities so head on down and fly some patterns! 😁👍

Eh… what happened here…

Btw nice controlling no flaws af all. Also, imo, you patterned me right, when I asked for a RWY change… I thought the correction wasn’t necessary 😄.

Imma head to bed… it’s almost 2am, thank you for opening your ATC thread!!

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NOW OPEN AT LFMN! I have practicals today and I would really life for some people to come help me practice! GA and JETS

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Now closed! Thanks to all who attended!

No flaws detected from my part :-). Wish you the best luck during you test… You’ll ace it probably! Get some rest now hahah

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Haha don’t make me think you copied my thread 😂