Nicholas_Henry’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Airport: Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport


Departing Runway: 9L, 9R

Landing Runway: 9L, 9R

ATC: Tower, Ground

Location: Brazil

Domestic: N/A

Patternwork Accepted: Yes

I applied for IFATC awaiting my test and response, I have over 3000 operations… Just needing more training and amazing flyers to assist me in that journey.


Open Now, 5:10 PM ET, 21:10UTC

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Closed: Unexpected weather conditions.

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Open now for training.

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Coming now!

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Usually the terminals are on the other side but this is just training.

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Hey Nicholas, just came down to do some pattern work to help you with your training but you denied pattern work. It’s fine with me but in this way I can’t help you. Maybe next time… oo-lxv

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Please tell me what I did wrong, I noticed I did a lot as it was my first session with people, that will be appreciated. I saw you stop at the wrong location which is why I said continue taxi which I thought was the most relevant at that time.

That was an accident and I saw it in the chat, I noticed it said unable pattern work but thought it’d be unprofessional to declare another take-off the correct way, I just wanted to to take off and maintain 1000 for runway heading to avoid wake turbulence and instead it added unable pattern work… No worries, thanks for attending though! 😁

Closed, thanks to everyone who attended! Hope you can list your reviews

First of all you told me to continue taxi when i was at the hold short line. That does not give me permission to cross it. Only Line up and wait and cleared for takeoff do. So I had to ask again than you cleared me for takeoff without saying make left or right traffic. Sk I decided to due standard procedure and make right traffic. Than you told me to enter left downwind which makes me fly near mountains that I could crash into. You said to turn base even though I was on crosswind and that’s impossible. You than cleared me for the option once again without saying make left or right traffic. You than tell me to cleared to land while on on left crosswind. I land, no problems. Than you tell me to enter left downwind which was obvious at this point you could have just cleared me for the option left traffic. Than you tel me to extend downwind. I just got off of crosswind I know to extend downwind thank you. You than say you’ll call my bade which was pointless because there were no aircraft inbound and im the pilot I know when to turn base. You cleared me to exit runway correctly but you should have told the plane you made hold short line up and wist due to the distance from the hold short line to the runway. That would have expedited traffic and help you a-lot. Would you like help learning pattern entries I could help you with that.

OPEN NOW AT TJSJ come help me train

Ill be there in 2 min!

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An amazing session from you guys! TJSJ TOWER IS NOW CLOSED, GOOD DAY!

Feedback? I think I did well, but I also think I messed up on transitions. I also thought you guys were taking off again or doing a full stop which is why I did not say exit runway and contact ground, unfortunately you guys had to request freq. change

Good job sending duplicate frequency change! But you didn’t tell me to stop when i was in the air. I kept reporting my position. You should have sent TUNT you’re already cleared to land avoid sending duplicate messages (shut up please) and I did that for a bit. You could have me make right traffic so you could sequence me and Taipei but that’s not illegal. When i requested runway change you just cleared me to land, you should have given a pattern entry first and than cleared to land. I was also not given exit runway. You should do this for commercial aircraft at under 60knots and small GA propeller planes under 30 Remember entry sequence (if possible) clear.

Hey! You know my callsign already, so I’ll proceed with the feedback.

  • Remember to sequence! When Cheryl took off, you never sequenced as number 2, behind me. Sequencing helps pilots know who to follow in a pattern.
  • The formula for finding the transition altitude is to add the airport elevation + 2500, and then round up to the nearest 500. For example, TJSJ is at 8 ft, so that would be 2500 + 8. You could then accept 2500 as a good transition altitude for TJSJ.
  • When I requested landing clearance, you cleared me immediately. Remember to always give a pattern entry, sequence if applicable, and then clear. In this case, it would be “enter left downwind RWY 8” for the pattern entry.
  • Don’t forget to give exit runway commands! I had to request a frequency change to get you to transfer me to ground. When a general aviation aircraft hits about 40 knots GS, you can tell them to exit the runway and contact ground. :)

I suggest reviewing the manual and hosting more practice sessions. There’s a lot of potential, and with some effort, you’ll soon be able to correct your controlling skills. Until next time!


For sequence options, there is only a number 2 - 8 and no number one which may have been misleading so I thought clearing again would be okay.

What I also never knew was reporting positions for patterns were bad but good thing I am learning!

I mostly use that if people are coming in normally and they say they are on base and final when not in a pattern.

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I thought it was 1000ft for props and 1500ft for jets and I cleared you for 1000ft and Tunt for 1500ft from elevation of 8ft

That’s the altitude for pattern work. Props fly patterns at 1000 and jets at 1500. For transitions, you need to add 1000 because of vertical separation rules, so 1500 + 1000 becomes 2500. :)