Nicest approaches to fly on IF (visually)

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In your opinion, what are the nicest appoaches to fly in IF? (From a visual perspective, and not because of difficulty)

My list is:

  • YSSY approach for either RWY 34L or 34R
  • PHNL approach for RWY 08R
  • KLAX approach for 06L, 06R, 07L, or 07R

What about TNCM RWY 10?. I also like Palm Springs


Thanks for linking my thing :)

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TNCM RWY 10 is also a nice approach

The coolest approach you can do in InfiniteFlight is to cross the golden gate, Alcatraz and KOAK, fly down to silicon valley and turn yourself on final KSFO 28R with a 180°+ left turn. This is so amazing.

I escpecially like approaches over water.
TNCM 10, PHOG 20 (I guess // the one from the north), PHNL 08R / 04R, KPGD visual, WMBT, there are so many.


The only problem with the Golden Gate approach is that the Golden Gate bridge is not in IF ;)


But you know where it is, at least I do xD


KPSP 31L from the north


I like JFK! Especially the approach I flew once where the controller flew me over KEWR and KLGA!

EHAM Approach over the sea

This reminds of a post recently made… where could it be?

On the community.

21W, both ends

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A regular would understand my point :)


My favourites are:

  • KPSP (any)

  • KLAX RWY06/07

  • KSAN RWY27 (That long threshold is just amazing :D)

  • EHAM / EBBR (any)

  • KDEN

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The post possibly linked it simliar just it about hardest approaches

My favourite is L35.

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As I said, a regular would understand my point. It doesn’t really effect the post. Just a bit of humour :)

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I know it’s humor I’m just pointing it out

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Try KSRQ runway 14 in sunset or sunrise! Try fly around 4000ft or so. It’s beautiful

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