Nicer Engine Fans

Hi guys this is my first post and what gave me this idea is during a flight I was on the outside view and then it gave me the idea. So basicaly It would be nice if Infinite Flight improved the engine fans to look nicer and more smooth.


What aircraft specifically? We have significantly improved our aircraft production standards through the years so recent aircraft are nicer and more detailed than older one.

Keep in mind that modeling round shapes introduces a LOT of triangles and it is a fine line between increased geometric detail and performance.

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Yes I know I’ve been with infinite flight for about 2 years and the progress is amazing. I’m talking about the 757 and and the 737 when entering the right wing view. The rest of the aircraft I don’t know I’ll have to check but those two are the ones I know about.

I’ve taken some screenshots to show you what I’m talking about.

and this is the right wing view I was talking about the engine fans don’t spin as smoothly as they do from far away and also looks grainy. Hope these screenshots explain what I’m trying to say.