【 Nice Shots 】Busy Los Angeles Airport

Date: 18th May, 2021 ; Server: Expert Server ;
Flight Plan: KLAX to KMIA ; Flight time: 4h15m ;
Aircraft: American Airline B77W ; Callsign: FGS-0540

Especially thanks for the ATC at KLAX @Piazza Thank you !

p1: Delta A359 ; Cathay A359 @IFSFGEA4 ; ANA B77W @Dart

p2: Koreanair 98 B748 ; United B752 @Nixon10

p3: B752 at Terminal @Nixon10 ; B752 at taxiway @OrbitAviation22 ; Lufthansa A359 @David1511

p4: @Fly_With_Darius UPS A332F ; velocity 2
Virgin Australia B77W

p5: @OrbitAviation22 & @IFSFGEA4

p6: American 1956 B738 ; American 1953 B77W ; All Nippon 5 B77W

p7: @Anthony_Hackney ANA B77W ; @111288 United B738

p8: @Dart ANA B77W ; @PILOTASWIN B77W ; @David_ZGGG Emirates A388

p9: American old livery B772 ; @111288 United B738

Which is/are your favorite shot/s ?

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Amazing Photos!

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yewwww, nice shots! I was the United 757-200(W) in photo 3 on the taxiway, we just came in from SFO.

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Amazing shots! Those buildings can lead to some Amazing pics like these.

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thanks mate~ (≧▽≦)

Yeah~ I saw you park next to me, so I took photo 5 🤣 You are on the left side of the photo~

You are right. Those buildings enhance the realism of the game experience~😆

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