Nice pictures

I just landed at SFO with a Lufthansa A340-300 and I took this pic whic is quite nice looking


Ugh I’m new and it won’t let me post the picture

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Nice picture


please do not get me wrong😉, but it is a Airbus A340-600

The -300 has CFM 56 engines which are really quite smaller and the climb performance is rather poor compared to the -600. By the way, there is a joke about the performance of the -300:
do you know, why the 300 is able to climb? - because the earth beneath it is a ball and moves away from the plane as it starts to fly

The -600 used to be the longest passenger aircraft in the world until the Boeing 747-800 appeared.

happy landings


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Just came in for Touch and Go at KNUC

Nice KSAN climb

Gotta love sunset/sunrise…

Long live the DC-9!