Nice phone

This pilot has a nice phone.

Anyone know what iPhone it is?
This is in the game!!


My guess is it’s an iPhone 12

Looks like a Nokia 3310 to me


IDK, looks like the BlackBerry 5810 to me


It’s obviously a samsung device, I don’t know what on earth they are saying above! Nice pics :p


It’s either an iPhone 12 or 13, most likely 12 due to the release date of when these were added into the game. But the deciding factor would be by looking at the back camera.

for the size I consider a Pro Max or “Max” version like iPhone Xs Max > iPhone 11 Pro Max, it doesn’t look like a 12 because the edges of the screen are not so thin and the Wallpaper makes something clear too!

For anyone who wants a closer look at the phone I found it on the A330-900 neo

Definitely not a 13, probably 11 pro (B737)MAX.

But it has squarish sides where the X and 11 do not

I won’t even be surprised if IF implements an iMac in the cabin of the challenger 350

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Probably, DC will be the one to tell most likely

Investigation time because I have a minute…

The sidestick confirms it is an Airbus. We have that out of the way.
The little tray on which the phone is resting is present in widebodies on airbus planes.
This leaves the A330, A340, A350 and A380

The A340 and A380 dont really have cockpits so that’s out of the way.

So, A330 or A350?

The little black rectangle in the corner above the tray confirms this is an A330 (and the A350 had no tray like that).

The A330neo was released in september 2021 and this phone was modeled shortly before, as the calendar app states ‘Thu 5’ and the last thursday that was a 5 was in August 2021 - 1 month before the release.
This was likely not earlier than that as the Development Timeline shows a picture of the cockpit ( phoneless ) on June 2 2021, meaning the phone was a last minute addition to the cockpit.

So, we can pinpoint the phone to be from summer 2021.

The phone has a top notch, meaning its after the iPhone X and iPhone 12, because the Iphone 13 was not released yet at the time (and had a smaller notch)
The maps icon is from before iOS 15 which is coherent.

As IF likes placing the most recent phones in the cockpit, this is another hint for us.

To conclude, I can confidently say that I have absolutely no idea what phone that is.

iPhone 12 ( look at the corners :P)

I like making things unnecessarily complicated


Looks like an IPhone 12

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I knew it. Someone would eventually post this, it was only a matter of time…

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It is obviously the OG iPhone

This iPhone is not the iPhone 11 or earlier because its base is not round, it is squared. It’s not an iPhone 13 or later since the A330 got released in Infinite Flight when the iPhone 12 was the newest phone on the market. Also the notch is different compared to the iPhone 14. It is not an iPhone 12 Pro, neither an iPhone 12 Pro max, since its base is not made of stainless steel. In conclusion, the phone that the A330 and the A330neo pilot has is the iPhone 12, Black. Plain and simple, the exact same phone I have.

i am also an apple geek, and my time to show my skills has come. End of discussion.

Looks a little newer than that

I guess it’s a 13