Nice made up story

Wen i spawned at klax i saw buildings and gates.
It happend at 16:30
On playground
Device: Asus
Sorry i dont have a picture becouse te game had cracht 3 seconds after spawning.

Really building???

Sounds like an awesome bug to have


Jes buildings and gates
Ja gebouwen en gates

Yes but only for 3 seconds before your game crashes

Will it do it again?

Nice go to there and looks if it is there again
Echt cool ga der nog eens naar toe en kijk of ze er nog zijn

Alraidy tryd nothing
Al geborbeerd misslukt

You found the best bug in infinite flight :P


OMG!!! Looks good!!! :))

You should’ve took a screenshot :P

Do you see it also!!!

Not realy it were big pixels

Haha no, the news just sounds good! Something is coming :)


Yes maybe the best update ever!!!

Yes @DS2001! Hope there will be citylights too!

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Yes but I think the Will be laggy

I think they said they were working on 3d buildings… Was that a dream or no?

Pics or didn’t happen 😅



I can’t believe this, this looks like a made up story. 3D buildings aren’t programmed into Infinite Flight yet

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