Nice long haul flights

if you´re bored of flying those standard routes try out a random route from you can also filter there how long the flight to be

Definitely! Also hoping for an A330, 340 and 380 rework soon. The A380s especially need a rework in the coming future. A lot of Airlines are fazing these aircraft out and it would be sad to see them go before a refresh, even if it’s just the cockpit. I think they would be spotted more often in expert servers if they had a rework. Many of the liveries need a refresh too.

Does this generate routes that are actually flown?

Bored? With IF?
The best way to avoid boredom is to not do long hauls. Trust me, even real life pilots find long hauls boring most of the time.

Why no spawn at KBJC in a TBM and discover the Rocky Mountains. Anywhere west from Rocky Mountain Airport is stunning.
Or spawn at SCAN and fly through the Andes. Beautiful there.
And then there’s the Alps and what about the Himalaya area (Kullu Valley, VIBR).

Or learn to do smooth touch and goes with an F16 or another fighter, or grab the Spitfire and do some touch and goes and raise your XP.
Have you ever seen Iceland? Or Alaska?

Long hauls are for homework, watching TV and sleep. And boredom. But mate, there’s so much more to do!

And if you’ve had enough flying done, it’s time to study to become a good ATC


I do Southeast Asia and South and Central America flights more.

yes it is based on real world flights

Sounds really cool! I should try that out, long hauls can be veeeeery boring.

I like them too.

Try CYVR to EDDF. The rocky mountains are stunning on departure. It is operated by a 747-400 Lufthansa, but you can use the A350 if you want. :)

You could try out some long-haul flights out of Nice, France (LFMN) like your title ;)

Emirates flies their A380 to Dubai, Qatar Airways A350-900 to Doha, United Airlines 767-300 to Newark, and Air Canada A330-300 to Toronto.

Now that we finally have TAAG Angola Airline 777-200er, I would HIGHLY recommend Lisbon Airport (LPPT)-Luanda Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport (FNLU)

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Have you seen the ATC schedule this week! :) guess where they’re going!

EDDM-FACT with the Lufthansa a350-900 is a good one to do. Great views of Africa!

Haven’t seen it yet! I’ll take a look.

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PANC to KMIA in Korean Air Cargo 777-200F or Atlas Air 747-400.

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I Knew he was going to pick a PANC route 😂. But seriously PANC scenery is actually stunning.

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Yeah, especially the remote stands. They’re just BEEATHTAKING!

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 9.07.18 AM
😂 Ok lets get back on topic before this gets closed.

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RPLL to CYYZ in Philippine Airlines A359 or B773 is a nice long haul flight.

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