Nice London Heathrow fly out!

Hi, this is some pictures from yesterday’s Heathrow fly out. The event was amazing!

Callsign: BAVA348
Server: expert
Aircraft: 787-9
Livery: Japan Airlines
Flight time: 11:37
Route: EGLL BANEM N866 LEDBO M604 SVA M609 ULMUG M125 ELVOM P850 BAKIL T70 NOPNI T89 BEVNA 6600N02900E 6600N03000E 6600N03100E 6600N03200E GIMET R360 ODIMA LURAM 6700N03900E 6700N04000E ARBUK R360 RINOV B954 ULKAM G355 BI B152 NOR A903 UNILA A333 LEBNA A946 IVADA A333 IGROD B451 KADBO R211 GTC V15 KALON RJTT

At the gate in London.

In the long line waiting for takeoff at runway 27R


Nice scenery over China

Landing in the sunset in Tokyo

At the gate after an amazing flight!


Wow amazing! Did it take long time to get out of LHR around how much time?

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About 30min i think

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Loving that wingflex on landing

yeah it was nice wingflex

I’m so late to this topic as I wasn’t tagged, but thanks for coming! The line was insane.

I’ll be making a screenshot topic about it sometime, but I don’t like to overdo it on this category. It’s just farming at times.

Keep up the good work!

thanks! mate