Nice line up in KLAX this evening

My busy takeoff from KLAX earlier this evening… (on the training server, call sign OK-Yeah Super).


Training server seems to be looking like expert lol


Loving the realism! Enjoy your flight, great pic! :)

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Lovely photos and there seems to be quite the lineup there.

However these photos do contain Airport Names/ Player boxes.

When posting just make sure none of these are within the photos.

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All my apologies…

Should be acceptable like that?

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Yes this is fine, but just remember when posting to go through to guidelines and make sure the photos are acceptable!

Thank you!

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Sure I will…

As I stay on the training servers…

I think he was talking about these out of focus boxes that I didn’t realize they where there but he was wright… there was boxes before I cut the pic out…

Guess I was too excited for my 1st post 😂


Flying solo since years but new to online play and that makes all the difference!!

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