Nice furniture for plane addicts

I found this :
So beautiful. No prices, but i’ve heard about something like 50000$ for the 737 chair…

you like it ?


I need that 737 Cowling chair! Too bad I’m still young :(


I would buy the chair, a clock, the 777 wheel table, and a wall art. But I just need something like 200kusd…

Yes! That is what I need! Or maybe a bed as first class!

Nothing’s compare to MY bed, even first or any other flying bed ! 😁


Here’s another website like that;

It even has snack carts!

I won’t mind that for my future basement wet bar area, I’ll probably need a interior designer to make it all work.

Anyone who says this is a duplicate, please note that the old one is over three months old: Aircraft Furniture

I want a seat with the form of a 737 engine cowling.

Sorry, I’m’new here 😱

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That is Cool

It doesn’t matter, because that one is three months old.

Can you bay cowlings from Victorville?

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