Nice Features Suggestion!

I have a great idea about infinite flight multiplayer.
Idea: People can connect or disconnect to the network whenever that want.

How does it work:
There will be a button on the right upper corner “CONNECT” , “DISCONNECT”. When the player go away while flying on multiplayer, they click on “DISCONNECT”, when they come back, they click on “CONNECT” to connect to the network again.

To avoid trolling on the network:
This function is only able to use when flying above 30000ft.

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Check out the #features category!

Also, easy solution: Fly solo.

You must be TL2 to post in #features

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Infinite Flight requires a constant internet connection. And especially on multiplayer where there are other pilots around and you’re connected to ATC, it’s impossible to simply disconnect and reconnect while flying. Disconnecting will automatically end your flight after a short time.

And as it’s been mentioned above, to create #features requests you need to be at TL2. Have a look at the link that’s been provided! 😊

Have a good weekend!