Nice - Cote D'azur to Frankfurt to Geneva

Short hop flights from Nice - Cote D’azur to Frankfurt and finally from Frankfurt to Geneva.

Sunset Deapture at Nice - Cote D’azur, runway 4L

Beautiful sunset and mountainous ranges over Switzerland

Landing at Frankfurt, runway 7R

Departure on runway 7C

And finally landing at Geneva Switzerland , runway 22.

Parked at Gate 19.

Flight time from LFMN to EDDF: 1hour and 19 minutes.
Cruising Altitude: 36,000ft

Flight time from EDDF to LSGG: 1 hour and 4 minutes.
Cruising Altitude: 30,000ft

Airplane and Livery: Airbus A340-600 with the Lufthansa Livery

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