Nice cockpit view pt. 4

Welcome everybody to the 4th part of my nice cockpit view series! It’s been a while since my last one, and finally I present you with another nice cockpit shot :)

This one is yet another 737 shot, but it is a different style and perspective to some of my others. As always, let me know what you think!

Flight info:
Route: DLM - LGW (Dalaman - London Gatwick)
Flight time: 3h 31mins
Server: Expert

Here ya go :)

Idk what to write here, but I guess it’s kinda become a tradition to put one of these at the end of these topics, so uhh hi I guess :D


What does everyone think? :)

Great photo 🙂

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Excellent shot

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Beautiful as always with you sir!

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Nice to see some realistic traffic in the UK for once 😍



Awesome pic

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Nice shot! The blur is nice, but the realistic liveries just make it perfect.

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Cheers guys! Yeah I agree the traffic looks great, especially since it is realistic!