Nice ATC controlling at OMBD in ... Training server

Hi guys.

I know some of you are often reporting the bad behavior of some pilots that are not following instructions. I controlled Dubai airport approaches and departures for a hour and half, until there was no more trafic.

I’ve got like 30 planes to handle during that time. I started controlling when runways 12 was in use. The wind changed three times of direction during the controlling session. Was helped with another controller who handled Towe perfectly and when he has made aircrafts departing in the other side of the runways (30L & 30R), i needed to expect new runways and they followed my instructions when i made them going downwind for 30R and 30L. I appreciated that EVERYONE listened to my instructions, without any exception…

Well, it was very enjoyable. I am making this topic to support the positives experiences of controlling in Training server. I think we need to recognize positivity as soon we are seeing it, even in a place where there is not always good participation of everyone.

It was fun to control you guys!
next time come to LSGG pls :)

(i’ll post a screenshot later)


Wow! That is really cool!

When I control on Training Server no one listens to me!

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