Nice Airport - Above the scenery

Hey, everybody!
So, to explain what I’m going to show you, I’m already going to explain how I got to Nice airport…
So, from the age of 15, in all classes of this age, we must do an internship in a company in order to have an idea about our future profession.
So, along with six other people my age, we chose to spend five days at the airport in Nice.

The pictures ?

So the first day, we went to the taxiway that leads to runway 22R and we saw an A380-800 Fly Emirates ( landing video at the end of the topic )

An another day, I took this picture from the IFR room

Falcon X belonging to Prince Albert of Monaco

Private Plane

Server room ( bad image, sorry )

Nice airport, Tower view

Norwegian 737 Ready to pushback

IFR room screen ( approach and departure radar )

Thug life moment on the Runway 22L/04R ( closed at this time ) ( plane vs car )

control tower ventilation duct

SpeedBird ready to Pushback

The airport is so big, I couldn’t get a picture of everything…
but, i took a video for the A380 landing:

I hope you enjoyed this topic,
( sorry for my bad grammar because i no english )


That must have been a fantastic opportunity! Thanks for sharing!


Wow, that’s so cool! Thanks for sharing

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I quite enjoyed this topic! It was nice scrolling through the many images you had to offer.

However, only 10 images are permitted in Spotting topics. For more information, check this out!

oh no… what picture i can delete?

It’s up to you. If I were you, I would create such topics in parts, so that you can share your experiences without being limited to the 10 images per topic rule.

Those are some Nice Pictures :P


Wow that sounds like an amazing experience! Never knew Nice received the A380

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