NFL Playoff Flyover Pics (Divisonal Round)

Hello all! Today I have some pics I got of my ongoing event, The NFL Playoff Flyover Event. If you’re unfamiliar. The NFL (National Football League) is hosting its playoffs right now. One major element of NFL Games is a military flyover that takes place along with the National Anthem before the game. Its an awesome experience and with the the playoffs occurring right now, I thought I’d do an event for it! So here are the pics from those flyovers. I also want to shoutout everyone that’s been attending these! Ya’ll have made this event so much more enjoyable

Airport(s): KSZL, KDOV, KBUF, KNUQ
Aircraft: A-10, C-17, AC-130, FA-18
Server: Training

Flyover One: A-10 Wharthog (Arrowhead Stadium | Chiefs vs. Jaguars)
Parked at KSZL

View From Arrowhead

Flyover Two: C-17 Globemaster (Lincoln Financial Field | Giants vs. Eagles)
Parked on the stands at Dover AFB

Look close! Flying over the Linc

Getting escorted on arrival into KDOV

Flyover Three: AC-130 (Highmark Stadium | Bengals vs. Bills)
Flying formation at nearly 100 feet!!

View from Highmark

At the gate at KBUF

Flyover Four: F/A-18 (Levi Stadium | Cowboys vs. 49ers)
View from the runway at KNUQ

Flying over Levi

Thanks for taking a look! The last flyover is taking place 2/12 which is the Super Bowl Flyover. I would love to get many people on this one so check it out if you haven’t already:


What happened with the plane on the right lol


Great photos!

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Lol whoever that was left their doors open the whole flight. Probably just a glitch

Thank you!

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