Nezuko - Infinite Flight photos

Hello everyone, dear IFC community! In this post, I will share screenshots that I will take during my flights in Infinite Flight. I hope you like them :))

Qantas B787-9 — Take-Off (Jul 1, '23)

Saudia B787-9 — Landed (Jan 22, '24)

Saudia A319-100 — Landing in Doha with a Qatar Airways aircraft in the ground (Jan 22, '24)

Saudia B777-F — Guess the Airport! With @SBRY (Jan 19, '24)

Saudia B777-300ER — Guess the route! Flight Time: 17h43m 👀

For now, these are the only photos I have. I will be updating this post day by day :) Thank you very much, everyone, for watching!


Those are some remarkable photos, I enjoyed that, thank you


Hey! I really appreciate your appreciation for my post. I’m glad you liked the photos; I’ll be adding more over time ;)

I think only ten is allowed but great photos!

Thank you very much for your appreciation of the post! I have read the rules, and you are right. I appreciate your observation, and I will keep it in mind

i genuinely thought this was real


Me too I was like 😲😱

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Thanks! :D

Is that Amsterdam Schipol in the last one?

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looks real

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The photos look very real and very clear. How did you shoot those photos?

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Correct! In that photo, we were flying the route from Jeddah (OEJN) to Amsterdam (EHAM). Saudia Cargo B777-F

It’s easy! If you want the photos to focus on more details and/or background aircraft, just switch to the “Free” camera, focus on your aircraft, zoom in slightly, and then rewind the replay to the beginning or halfway through the flight. After that, switch back to the “Free” camera and unfocus the plane. Once you’ve done that, it will appear as if the camera has an error, but that “error” is what makes the aircraft look so detailed, bringing out more details in your photo :)

How to switch to “Free” camera? P mode you mean?

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As soon as I finish a flight I’m currently on (JED - LAX), I will record a video and send it to you privately so that you can understand a little better

New Photo Added!

YYZ- this place?

or Jed-Lax

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Perfect! It was JED - LAX

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i may have cheated so sorry…

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