Next VA Summit (Coming Soon) -- Community Input

Hello! The folks here at the VARB have some very exciting news – the VA Summit will be coming back! We will make this one better than ever, and this will be the first of many changes. You, and the rest of the community, will have a voice in many aspects of the Summit this time around. We have a selection of polls below which will close on Friday, March 30th, 2018 at 2359 Zulu.

Our first poll will determine the location of the Summit. Please note that we will not have any North American airports here due to the previous summit being held in North America (JFK).

N.B. This poll will close one week earlier than the other polls to make room for a final poll with the highest ranking airports from each region (Europe, Middle East, Asia).

  • EDDF - Frankfurt International Airport
  • LEMD - Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport
  • OTHH - Doha Hamad International Airport
  • VIDP - New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport
  • ZBAA - Beijing Capital International Airport
  • ZSPD - Shanghai Pudong International Airport

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Next up, is the type of gathering it will be.

  • VA Fly In ( VAs fly from airports planning to arrive at the same time – Will require much more planning and cooperation)
  • VA Fly Out (Similar to the last Summit)

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Lastly, we would like to know the number of spectators we can expect. DO NOT VOTE IN THIS POLL IF YOU ARE COMING WITH A VA.

  • Yes, I will be attending the VA Summit as a Spectator
  • No, I will not be attending the Summit as a Spectator

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Thanks for voting everyone, and be sure to reply with your feedback. We will consider more polls in the future if these go smoothly.


You saw nothing before…


Ehem, screenshots don’t lie. Toodles…


To be fair the previous post would have worked, just Ewan and Dan would want my blood 😂


What are “Ewan Jets”?!?

I find this slightly disturbing. Don’t even want to know what you IFVARB nuggets are up to…


It sounds terrifying to be honest…
Anyways can’t wait for this one last time wasn’t able to go at all but this time I’ll be there!

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Hmmm I wonder why 🤔🤔🤔

Yeah I saw nothing. (They’ll never know)

Good, make sure it stays that way. 😈


This is gonna be pretty dope

Dope? The new lingo is lit ;)

PS- calling all voters


I know what’s up I’m 14 lit is so 6 months ago 😐 lol

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That’s a very good point. What are they @BluePanda900


Where did you even find that? 😂 @balloonchaser

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I can’t fathom the reasoning behind you asking him. Stalking in Slack

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Just letting all of you know that the busier airport where which the Summit is held, the more likely it is that your gate may be occupied at the time of the Summit.


Yes! So everyone change your vote to Doha! No one is ever there.

Why not stagger them a bit instead of the mad dash to runways and those that love pressing the “Ready to taxi” while 5 aircraft are behind them?


@BluePanda900 just do our local airport. Nobody is ever there! 😂😂😂 (Oh yeah, and you too @Kyle.r24)