Next Update.

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing amazing.
I was just wondering about something (i know for sure that creators and the team aren’t allowed to say something specific), but I haven’t played IF in a long time because I’m kinda waiting for something exciting to get released into the game, and for that I’m hoping to get an answer or even a close one to when will the next update (New plane for example) be released ? (Like is it this summer? Fall?).
Thank you in advance.

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Release Dates aren’t typically released to the public for various reasons, although you can follow along:

What we know is being developed:

  • XCUB (GA Aircraft)

  • Airbus A350

  • Boeing 777 Rework


Hi there!
Currently, the Xcub, and the A359 are in development. There are no exact dates set, but the Xcub is coming out very soon, as the Developers just give it some finishing touches. The A359 will take a longer time, but you can track the development here:

Have a good day!

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Two great replies from both of these community members who have provided just about all of the information you’d want to know regarding the upcoming update and future updates which include the A350.