Next update

Does anyone know when they gonna update and add landing tilt and etc

They haven’t disclosed that information. The CRJ update will be next. So soon.

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The update has now been delayed to sometime in 2118.


We don’t get precise information as to when the updates are. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait and see😉

The next update should be the crj (coming in not too long hopefully🤞) and then it’s a new aircraft I think. (They sent a teaser with a video)


As @Ryan_Vidad said, there has been no information yet. However, enjoy the new scenery in Africa!


I highly doubt they will add gear tilt for a long time. If you wish to know more about the updates features, be sure to verify the CRJ tracking thread. Be alert for other news regarding the update as that will tell you about new features.

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Hello there! You can check in the #announcements section whenever there’s new or updated information. Have a look at some of the recent posts by the Infinite Flight Team including the latest team additions and future updates.