Next update???

Ive just been wondering if IF is testing for another update to add more aircraft because I have been seeing test people and it won’t show the type of aircraft they are flying. I know if global just being released, I’m just wondering. If they are what aircrafts will it be. Also are u going to add some liveries to some planes. Example delta a320, a321

Yes they are!

Currently FDS is working on the MD-11/DC-10/KC-10

Check out the top of this to see the liveries confirmed:

After the MD-11/DC-10/KC-10 update, FDS has confirmed a CRJ Rework!


MD 80 or 88??? in the picture

Like @Balloonchaser said, look here to find more out about the DC10/MD11: McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread - #1785 by AllegiantAir


To add on, this update is ALMOST done, we are just waiting for iPhone X compatibility!


Really? At what point did they confirm a CRJ rework? I’m syched now!

Edit: RIP autocorrect “sync”