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Hi everyone especially the members making updates, I would like to ask for something that can be said to be just a little bit. I ask to update the VNAV system. I know VNAV is good for automatically descending according to the altitude that we have set. However, I often get hit because of falling asleep and forgetting that VNAV is still on and the speed is still mach 0.85 or 320 knots. It exposes me to Abuse. I found the VNAV system to be useful for Climb, Cruise, and Decsent automatically and was able to set individual speeds. With that I asked to update the VNAV system to be able to Climb, Cruise, Decsent, and set my own safe speeds.
Speed ​​has been set to Cruise Speed ​​and 250 Knots under 10,000 feet. When the VNAV is turned on, it will go up to 250 knots under 10,000 feet and to cruise speed after passing 10,000 feet.

I wish the system was working and I can sleep worry-free even though I know how to avoid getting into such a violation by not turning on VNAV. However I can be confused to decsent quickly but it doesn’t violate any violation. I would love to change:
VNAV can set your own speed, Climb, Cruise, and Decsent yourself with the speed and altitude that we have set. At a minimum, add a feature that can adjust the speed by itself to be safe from violations. And also add a system to detect whether we are asleep or not by not being detected by touch for 15 minutes.

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I am very begging.


5:58 seconds prove VNAV can increase speed automatically

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We have the #features category for this reason. You could search for this type of VNAV in the #features category, if there is a request, go ahead and give it a vote and your fully support. However, if there is no current request for this feel free to start one.


The devs have said repeatedly that you shouldn’t arm descent VNAV until you are active at your device…

Besides that…I asked about this in one of the recent Twitch streams and the answer was that its not a priority for Laura to work on right now - there are more important things to do.


Hello there! I’d perhaps like to point out some issues with your request that you may not see immediately, but we controllers would have to frequently deal with in the future, if such a feature was to be implemented.

As was mentioned in your post, you’d like to have a VNAV system that would have you slow down in order not to be reported automatically for being overspeed or whatnot. I’d like to point out that you are ultimately in the hands of your own plane, and you are responsible for bringing it to the ground in a safe manner. Failure to do so, say by oversleeping and letting your plane descend without slowing down, is a great example of not being a responsible pilot. A solution for this is perhaps to pack a little more fuel when you fly, and alongside that, don’t arm your VNAV if you know that there is a chance of you missing those most crucial stages of flight.

Now speaking from a controllers perspective, if we have planes that can slow down and manuveur at these low speeds and altitudes, they would eventually affect a lot of controllers, as these planes would be following their flight path to an airport, unaided since the pilot isn’t there. It would be a very very big issue if people are constantly leaving their device only to then interfere with traffic even more severely that it already does from time to time. Not to mention that adding this safety net only allows people to have an even more complacent mindset thinking that it would be acceptable if that is the case. In the end, you can be reported for not following instructions or for not monitoring your device during climb or descent. Both scenarios, let me tell you, are definitely much worse than just gaining a couple level 1 violations for say overspeed, that so commonly hits everybody.

I hope this puts some things into perspective, since there’s a lot more than meets the eye when decisions and features are brought onto the scene. And while I’ll leave climb VNAV for someone else to explain why it isn’t feasible, perhaps I would have explained why descend VNAV alongside a system that reduces your chances of a violation isn’t so easy to implement, let alone see it fit in the rest of the community without people abusing it and making it a less enjoyable place to be.


how do i get started?

For everything, I’m sorry but I only ask for updates to the VNAV feature at any time but I only recommend it immediately because when I fly medium, long distance and Ultra long fights I often fall asleep on flights to be more refreshed when landing. I found out that I also mistakenly left my Device to sleep. However, during the day I have to work from 9 am to 7 pm. I have Virtual Maskpaia too and I can’t fly short haul flights. I can only fly 6 hours and above. So apologize for a big amount and once again I ask for an update in VNAV so that I can adjust the speed too, that’s it whenever you can anytime I just ask that

Best Regards, Ilyas Aviation


People need to be aware and add logic to their reasoning. I won’t make it personal because you’re not the first person to make this kind of request.

Just have patience, a fully functioning VNAV will eventually come. Please realise the feature just recently arrived on the sim and I’m sure we all appreciate to have a part of it instead of having to wait months for a complete VNAV system.

The best you can do, is vote here to affirm your interest.

I think we can trust the devs with their willingness to give us a pleasant simulator to fly with and to complete every feature they can.