Next Update Please Answer?


I think this has already been asked, but when will the next update be?


No one knows, not even the Devs. When they see that things are fine, and they’re happy, they will release the update. Please for future reference don’t ask these questions anymore!


You are correct, it already has been asked. As Massimo_Murgida said, no one knows. To add on, the devs like to deliver a quality product unlike X Plane and Aerofly. That quality product takes time to make and lots of testing and refining. To get the plane up to the stringent standards, it takes a long time. It also takes a lot of time to test the airplane to make sure unknown issues don’t pop up. IIRC a previous update (A year ago now?) was delayed because of this.


Both of those are correct ^^. Closing this to avoid duplicate discussions.