Next Timelapse Idea and Editing tips

Hello everyone! if you haven’t seen my other posts, I record, and edit YouTube videos with my friend as we share a channel. I would love some route recommendations. And DEFINETLEY some editing tips that can make my video quality and overall interest increase. (I like @Captain_Lufty 's work!)

If you have anything to say, feel free to leave a reply,

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Hello man, how are you,

I’m specialized in photos not videos, but i can give you some help. For my photos, i’m using the parameters in my gallery to edit my photos. For example i’m dealing with the colors, putting black and white filters, after that i’m lowering or increasing luminosity, blushing everything to have a nice old photo.

If you need any edit, just send me a good quality screenshot. I will edit it for you and explain what I’ve done to it.

And thank you very much for the kind words, i appreciate the words you put in my efforts!

Don’t hesitate to put a little story to the photo as i’m doing.
Have a nice night

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Hey @Pilot_Bowen, I make some videos of mine own and would love to help you out with your channel, and give ya some route suggestions!

We’ll start off with route suggestions:
Personally, I like more unique routes overland so it’s a more interesting timelapse, so that’s mainly what I have below.

  • Doha to Johannesburg
  • San Jose → Paris
  • Johannesburg → Istanbul
  • Quito → Houston
  • Vienna → Cape Town
  • Istanbul → Bali
  • Milan → Berlin
  • Zurich → Mumbai
  • Brisbane → Abu Dhabi

Here are some editing/video tips:
After taking a peak at your channel, I’ll just go over a few things that stand out to me. You may agree or disagree, but you can decide how much to listen to.

  • Timelapse/Speed of clips: I noticed that in your timelapses, the clips which were fast forward were not accelerated by much (perhaps only x2). You can use software to accelerate these more and create timelapses that showcase more and are more cinematic. In addition, I suggest using the music to cut the clips up and make it more captivating to the viewer. This includes shortening the length of clips on ground and increasing the amount of time spent of the flight in the air so that viewers can see portions of the actual flight.

  • Music: One thing I liked about your videos were how chill they were with the music with nice chill beats and no lyrics, however, that being said, you might gain more attention from using music that’s more upbeat and/or has lyrics that would draw in the viewer. Perhaps find royalty/copyright-free music from various channels on YouTube.

  • Find your style: This is simple, everyone finds their own type and style of content they want to make. Everyone wants to edit in their own little ways and create their own stylistic choices, so just find and watch many timelapses/Infinite Flight-related videos on YT and see what you like, don’t like, or see things you want to try and improve.

I’ve added some links to previous IFC topics with similar issues at hand"


This is a nice response, you’re right everyone is having their own style. I 'm mad about Vintage style photos of old planes!


Of course man! I’m doing well thank you for asking, thanks for the great information.

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No problem, @Mr-plane-guy1’s information is more useful for you i believe. But for any photo editing, call me 🤙🏻

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Will do, might contact you here in the general channel, so we can exchange photos there, surely I won’t ask for too much maybe a picture for a thumbnail once or twice, I love that you reached out. Cya around.

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(Currently flying from EHAM to KSEA might be sending an SS your way for some editing) @Captain_Lufty, and to @Mr-plane-guy1 I will try and use your “tactics” in my next timelapse, although i am new so dont expect much!